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Case Study: Grimsby Community Energy

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to manage and oversee Grimsby Community Energy’s latest project, which was to install 94kW of solar panels atop the new YMCA Humber building on Freeman Street.  The building will provide supported accommodation for young and vulnerable people, youth and community and mental health services in Grimsby when construction […]

Business Planning Vs Business Coaching: The Difference

Here at BPS Ltd, we believe the difference between Business Planning and Business Coaching is the level of detail laid out for business owners and their teams to action. Business Coaching is often about mentoring business owners to develop high level strategies working towards their end goal.  Business Planning is about working with the whole […]

Project Management Methodology: How to Plan a Project

Project planning tends to have a reputation. A reputation for being only available for large organisations, who have multiple departments, who come together for large scale projects. However, giving small to medium enterprises (SMEs) access to project planning can be pivotal to the success of their business. It’s a unique challenge compared to managing projects […]

Project Planning: 4 Simple Steps to Success

At BPS, our project planning strategy revolves around 4 simple steps: think it, plan it, do it and check it. With this simple mantra in mind, we’ve put together our top tips for ensuring whatever the scope or scale of your project that you have the tools and the mindset to succeed. Use our basic […]

Mark Beckett | How I Became a Project Planner

Throughout my working life, I have always liked lists. From being an electrician to a contracts manager in the earliest stages of my career, I found myself involved with organising resources: from equipment to materials, vehicles and even people. I developed trackers in Excel to help keep everyone and everything organised. Travelling the World When […]

Lee Beckett | How I Became a Project Planner

My working life has covered a number of different careers and industries, but the common thread has always been working as part of a team to deliver an end goal. Education and Early Career In the early stages of my career, I provided care and expertise in operating theatres: leading a small team supervising theatres, […]