Our approach to project planning involves two key areas: a personal one-to-one business consultancy, with us, and the state-of-the-art planning software we use. 

We ensure your project remains on time and budget – whilst identifying the most effective path for your project to take. 

Our flexible approach is scalable and tailored to your needs. We project plan for everything from heavy industry projects to new builds, business operating plans for SMEs to large scale events: there is no project too big or too small.

planning new builds

Manage resources, services, budgets and time, to ensure your project runs smoothly through to its desired outcome. We can even save you time and money, by mapping out the most efficient project path.

Pay for as little as five hours of our expert planning and consultancy. From operating plans to driving efficiency – we bring professional planning within the budget of small local businesses to help where we can.

large scale complex planning

Combining our specialist software with 45 years of experience, our flexible services can manage complex and multiple projects at once.

Business operating plans

A popular choice for businesses looking to drive efficiencies, streamline processes and evaluate their operations – and save time and money!

event planning

Our decades of experience in event planning will ensure your event is executed seamlessly, and your desired outcome reached.

contact Beckett Planning Solutions

Our consultations are no-obligation and absolutely free. So call us today and have a chat about what solutions we can provide for you or your business.

Our Process

Much like our planning services, our personal involvement in every project is flexible – depending on the demands of the project and the client involved. 

Our renowned methods and planning processes, however, remain the same. At its most basic level, we’ll work closely with you to curate ideas, and to identify the goals and objectives of your project plan. We then shape, plan and schedule every project through to execution – at which point, we can continuously monitor the progress.

Creating the basic project structure

The process is simple: get in contact with us and we’ll have a free and no obligation chat about suitability. We stick to our word, and will never take on a project that doesn’t benefit from our services.  

We’ll then identify the plan in a series of one to one sessions, where we go into more detail. We identify timescales, resources, budget, and drill down to the detail of your project. The basic structure of your plan at this point has been built. 

Creating the breakdown structure

The breakdown structure is where we start to populate the activities and tasks into your project plan: the who, what, when and where. What goes into your breakdown structure is unique – because each project is different.

We’ll meet face-to-face, listen to your needs and develop the plan accordingly. We also happily attend client site meetings and visits to shape your plan, and to work alongside managers, supervisors and contractors where needed.

Once we’ve generated the info and relationships we need – we’ll deliver you your project plan. It really is that simple.

The BPS Difference

From start to finish, we work closely with every person involved in the project plan. From investors and developers to contractors and builders – our consultancy is entirely scalable and tailored to everyone’s individual needs in the project.

We pride ourselves on working with an entire team, and being as client-facing as possible. We’ll work alongside your team to ensure your project objectives are met.

Whereas an external project manager is inward facing and often profit-led, we’ll manage your plan with your interest at heart. We’re not a turnkey, one-size-fits-all solution: we’re an extension of your internal team.